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Born 1986 in Quezon City, Philippines, Jade Eusebio Ocinar began painting as a child. Born from a family of artists and architects, art is in her nature. She studied Advertising Arts in University of Santo Tomas and earned her B.A. in 2006. During this time, she was the president of a prestigious art organization in her university, a Dean’s Lister, was a representative and awardee to several art competitions, a student leader, and an apprentice to local artists. She soon joined the Pasig Art Club and became the youngest member to enter the Board of Directors. Jade taught figure painting, portraiture, and creative courses as an art instructor to a sponsorship program supporting high school students who wanted to pursue Arts in college. In 2008, Jade and her mother, Chiqui Eusebio-Ocinar, established an outreach program to inspire less-fortunate youth who possess artistic talents and became mentors to teens in pursuing their dreams.

With works that depict her inner visions about her experiences, Jade's artworks were done in a charming way, with humor, and smart portrayal of characters which gives it an interesting perspective. A natural and sensitive artist, she shows compassion through her sketches and paintings. Each piece has a story of its own. She is a lover of the human figure. The imperfections of her subjects capture her interests and it inspires most of her artworks. She has a distinct style that boasts a rich palette of colors. Jade currently lives in Manila, Philippines.

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An attempt to draw the Potomac River in August. 

(Old Town Alexandria, VA) 

June 21, 2012 - Washington, DC

I was one of the featured artists for this year’s Brown Strokes on a White Canvas (BSWC) Art Exhibit. It has been a privilege for me to join the Fil-Am maestros of the Metropolitan Washington, DC. I got so inspired with all those beautiful paintings and sculptures showcased that night. I met new friends and opened up possibilities for collaborations in the future.

I am so thankful for all your wonderful greetings. I wish you were all there with us too. It was a night full of colors and smiles. :D Thank you BSWC and PAFC for introducing artists like me to our community. Cheers to more art shows to come! 

With the artist :)

With the BSWC group

With my lovely family and friends

With Amy Quinto and her piece

With Julian Oteyza and Gary Reyes

With Mr. Ador Carreon of PAFC

With Ruthie

My latest art work to join the Summer 2012 collection. 

Title: “The Escape”, Watercolor on Canson; 2012

Jade Ocinar at the Embassy of the Philippines, Washington, DC

Please stay tuned for my next art exhibit in Manila soon! xxx 

Apart from all the crafty thingies in my room, this side of the shelves deserve much loving and attention too. :)

Featuring: snow globes from the places I’ve visited, Rolling Stone magazines, The Beatles vinyl record from Boston, Collection of Lyrics by Sting, Sally doll from Disneyland, jazz music from NYC, our family photograph, Southern Peach Hot Sauce from Savannah, GA, and a cute espresso cup souvenir. 

Title: “Savannah & Pacific”, Acrylic on Canvas; 2012

Title: “A Girl Named Chalsea”, Acrylic on Canvas; 2012

Title: “Blizzard 2010”, Graphite on Canson; 2010

Title: “Mutia”, Charcoal Pencil on Canson; 2010

Title: “Tilda”, Pencil on Paper; 2012

Title: “Friendship Heights”; Pencil on Paper; 2012

Title: “Good Tidings To You”, Pen on Paper; 2011

Title: “Mangosteen Still Life”, Mixed Media; 2010

Title: “Seeing the Wonders of Nature and You”, Found Art; 2012

April 7, 2012 (Easter weekend) - It was a beautiful Saturday to take pictures around the neighborhood and see people enjoying the outdoors. Colors were in full bloom!

I was in the library that afternoon for the ‘Meet & Greet with the Artist’ where family and friends also came to see my exhibit. :) 

Meet the artist. :)

With my auntie, Jenka Eusebio 

With my lolo, Jun Eusebio and lola, Jovy Eusebio (on the portrait)

A bunch of girls who loved my doodles. 

Meet the girl behind those hands…Chalsea Manlucu, a good friend of mine.

This piece was intended for an art contest in 2011, but I decided to keep the concept and feature it in my first solo exhibit.

With my auntie, May Eusebio Lopez

With my friend, Calvin Keen

My artworks

I would like to say thank you for all the greetings, wishes, and especially to friends who have visited my exhibit last April. I hope you can also send me your pictures. :)

Thank you to Potomac Library for letting us share our treasured memoirs, art, and hobbies to the community. Until next time!